Computer Services Las Vegas


Residential computer repair

We come to your home for FREE! We offer onsite computer repair at your doorstep. No more hauling your computer or laptop to a shop and deal with traffice. We do that for you.

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Computer repair fixes

Spyware, Malware, Adware, PopUp Scan and Removal - Virus Scan and Removal - Data Recovery & Password Recovery - Software / Hardware Upgrades and Installation - Cable / DSL Internet Installation and Troubleshooting - Wireless Installation and Troubleshooting - System Clean-up and Increase Speed - All Windows critical updates/reinstallation - Email Installation, Troubleshooting, and Training - Installation of hardware (memory, hd, printer, scanner, etc) - Blue screen or failure to boot - System Crashes

Virus Protection services:

Virus protection assessment
Anti Virus software and updates
Virus detection and removal
Operating system and application configuration/settings
Establishing "best practices" for avoiding exposure to viruses

Data Recovery

We can recover deleted files and deleted data from all kinds of Operating systems Windows (95/ 98/ME/XP/2000/2003), Linux (RedHat / Mandrake / Turbo/ SuSe / Debian / Ubuntu ), Novell (Traditional and NSS volumes), Mac (Apple Mac OS X/Apple Mac OS 9.x and higher) and Solaris (Sparc and Intel), Unix(SCO Open Server, BSD)etc

Statistics about leading causes of data loss
Hardware Malfunction - 44 Percent of all Data Loss User Error - 32 Percent of all Data Loss Software Corruption - 14 Percent of all Data Loss Computer Viruses - 7 Percent of all Data Loss Natural Disasters - 3 Percent of all Data Loss .


Some of the standard services we offer and description

PC Tune-Up - Check PC Status, Examine for Problems
Additional HDD - Add a new Hard Drive to computer
Additional Memory - Add additional memory (depends on PC)
Upgrade HDD - Replace current hard drive, & transfer all data
Transfer PC HDD Data - Transfer all Data from Old PC to a New PC
Transfer Data Only - Transfer all Data to a New PC exc. OS or Apps
Transfer Data & Apps - Transfer all User Data and Up to 10 Apps
Upgrade OS - Upgrade current OS to Windows 98, XP or 2000
Install New OS - Install new OS on empty system
PC Overhaul - Replace MB, memory, processor and case
Install Scanner - Install a parallel, SCSI or USB scanner to PC
Install Printer - Install a parallel or USB printer to computer
Install Digital Camera - Install a serial or USB digital camera to PC
Dial Up Internet - Setup modem and software for dial-up internet
Broadband Internet - Setup Cable or DSL for internet access
2 PC Wireless Network - Setup 2 PCs on a wireless network
3 PC Wireless Network - Setup 3 PCs on a wireless network
Large Wireless Network - Please contact us for a full quote
Wired Network - Please contact us for a full quote
External Peripheral - Install a miscellaneous external peripheral
Install application - Install one software application
Internal PC Card - Install an internal Card (e.g. Video or Sound)
Upgrade monitor - Upgrade and configure a new monitor
Share Internet - Install and configure an Internet Gateway/Router
Anti-Virus Software - Install and Configure Anti-Virus software
Virus Removal - Please contact for a full quotation
Install Firewall - Setup a software firewall for 1 PC
Data Backup - Backup important data to CD (Max 700Mb)
Spyware Removal - Install Anti-Spyware and remove pests/malware

PC = Personal Computer
HDD = Hard Disk Drive
OS = Operating System
MB = Motherboard
APPS = Applications

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